Durex Protected Love-making: No Joke? The greatest adolescent maternity rate of the EU state.


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As concept leader, Durex am disproportionately suffering from a thinking two-year decrease in condom revenue in Romania. We had been tasked to counter this, offering a 6per cent rise in Durex income (450K condoms).

It absolutely was important that Durex had the classification improvement, targeting increasing brand name Attribution of 5%.


In 2019, the younger creation in Romania was a student in the traction of a reproductive health problem;

  • The top adolescent pregnancy speed of any EU land
  • Top ten spots in Europe for STIs, with more than 5percent with the inhabitants contaminated

Despite condoms getting large circulation (merchandising, drugstore and on the internet) and unmissable class strategies on television and digital, this becament converting into action. Two thirds of Romanians (67%) said the two knew about birth control approaches, but can’t use them. That which was happening?

The response depends on Romanias Soviet past; the communist plan entrenched an extremely careful perspective of sexual affairs that remains even today. Love-making away from nuptials happens to be frowned-upon, with abstinence regarded as the choice.

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Thus, Romania is regarded as the merely eight EU affiliate states without a sexual health education approach; young sex Romanians simply dont get the ideas needed to the value of safer gender, nor posses an apparent website for discussing the niche.

Indeed, for 56% of 18-34-year olds, their unique primary way of talking about gender is through fooling with buddies, but presently basic safety would bent a subject.

Humour may well not seem the obvious destination to deliver an email about secure sexual intercourse, but constitutional / friendly laughs (anekdoty) bring a strong historical past in ex-Soviet places to be a dealing apparatus during times of repression; a fundamental kind of public commentary and connections. As a way for the safe and secure sex communication to resonate with more youthful consumers, you had to be in regarding the laugh.


We were initially briefed to produce a traditional campaign, utilizing the global TVC & online resources, that were centered on scaled brand name understanding, and thought that kids were already aware that the value of safe gender.

Because of the Romanian-specific cultural context, most of us understood this maynt be enough to counter the sales fall. Being the classification person, Durex should test new things that might manage the training gap, and normalise conversations about condoms.

We all proposed a striking method to really participate our crowd, and remain Durex separated:

  • Target influencers with a drama environment, leveraging anekdoty to deliver protected love emails through humour.
  • You need to put real functions in the middle from the venture to steadfastly keep up the non-public / conversational aspects of sexual joking amongst teenagers.
  • Give owners the equipment to make safe sex element of their on a daily basis ruse connection beyond the life expectancy with the main activations.

We discovered drama shows given that the finest channel for the communication as 25percent your goal go forth around once/week, over sixty percent of young people like comedies to your additional category and 40percent take comedians on social media marketing. At these activities, we will need their own undivided awareness, and a medium through which they will generally be definitely open to communications about condoms.

To make certain that attendees truly decided section of a natural debate, humor could well be in improv style, in which comedians obtain strategies from your viewers, and also have generate amusing replies on the spot. This may just move if the responses were reliable and real human, and Durex courageously concurred which comedians could possibly have BDSM dating sites whole inventive licenses becoming because extravagant when they need.

Being guarantee degree, the inquiries and feedback would subsequently getting turned into bite-size clips, perfect for used in cultural revealing.


Most of us joined with Ceva Marunt & la Scurta, an improv crowd who’re greatly popular with younger Romanians (#1 roast clip of 2019) to aid their extravagant, no-limits funny style, to provide a 16-city comedy journey. Visit highlights comprise turned into short-form video to reveal a wider readers for their irreverent face the realm of risk-free intercourse.

The visit am teased across cultural, using information just like exactly what attendees could expect at the parties. This is the very first time quality was indeed used by a brandname for this a sensitive matter in your area, so we necessary a confident party. The good thing is, you possibly can was actually very well-received, with tickets offering around very quickly; in fact, needs was expensive that four further reveals happened to be included with important spots.

The comedy shows on their own are the most important identify, creating both a frank and entertaining discussion about safe intercourse, and intensely genuine media for many who havent were able to get tickets. Market motion or conversation, every attendee was handed a free of charge Durex Slimfit condom.

Loyal video clips comprise designed each belonging to the five members of la Scurta, and utilized as cultural promotion, digital investments and for in store promotions.

In addition to compensated circulation, most of the material had been encased on a devoted area of the Durex website, which not got laughs pertaining to safer sexual intercourse, but also educational material within the comedians, assisting visitors to select the right Slimfit item on their behalf.